KnowledgeTrak: Why automation is really an investment in your people

Whenever automation becomes the topic of conversation in a business, the collective pulse of a staff quickens.  The automation of business practices changes the environment and the environment (including those in it) must adapt to these changes to survive.  This holds true for both industries and organizations.  Change can either result in success or failure, but from a competitive standpoint, it is inherently essential.

An argument against automation, rooted in the fear of organizational change, is that automation cannot replace the instincts and abilities of people—that automation is an investment away from people.  This argument is absolutely right in the fact that the skills of people cannot be replaced.  It is, however, wrong in premise—automation is not about replacing people; it is about investing in them.

Even though technology advances at such an exponential rate, there is still no force as powerful as the human mind.  People are not machines, and they are not meant to be.  Most of your employees have an innate desire to be empowered to help improve their company. Henry David Thoreau urged simplicity and stated that “a man is rich in proportion to the things he can leave alone.”  Eliminating lesser tasks, through automation, in order to tackle the more important ones will give your company the time and space it needs to grow.  As a result, you can now invest in your employees to help them become value-creators that are more productive, decision makers who actively solve issues and thought-leaders who innovate towards the future.

Having talented employees is still the door to success in business.  Behind that door is your employees’ true potential.  Automation is the key to unlocking it.


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