ShowTRAK: Oklahoma Super Trade Show 2015

OK Super Show

Last week, we attended the Oklahoma Super Trade Show which, as you probably know, is right in our backyard. We usually see quite a few of our customers at this show; however, this year proved to be different–we actually saw more prospective customers than current customers! The show was packed all morning with a steady stream of traffic, while the afternoon was a bit slower.

IMG_1811 IMG_1817 IMG_1816 IMG_1815

This was the first show to use our new banner stands and we got lots of compliments on the new look!

We also decided to be a Putt-Off Sponsor this year so we had a putting green on the right side of our booth and show attendees would come by and putt for us to mark their cards; however, some attendees were a bit confused and thought they were supposed to putt for a promo item! Regardless of the reason, it was fun to have the putting green in our booth and the attendees seemed to enjoy it!

Ben Warkentin and Nicole Taylor from our Sales Team, and Alana Livingston from the Marketing Department, represented FACTOR at the show.

IMG_1813 IMG_1818

If you missed us at the Oklahoma Super Trade Show, be sure to visit us at the Fintech Booth at the AFPD Show in West Bloomfield, MI on September 24th!


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